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Coach Reggie


 Reggie Rusk is a former student athlete and a graduate of University of Kentucky who began his professional career as an NFL cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Having to make the transition from JuCo to a University, Reggie learned  early on the hard work, dedication and strong mentality it takes to become  a successful athlete. Through his company, Play For Success, Reggie has been assisting young athletes for the past 12 years, giving them instruction on how to be successful on and off the field.

Coach Reggie Rusk

Coach Carlos


Carlos Collins is a former student-athlete and graduate of the University of Kentucky.  After watching numerous athletes lose eligibility and scholarship offers due to failing grades and low SAT/ACT scores, he founded his company, P2P Sports, which is dedicated to helping students prepare themselves academically, physically, and turn their dreams of playing college level sports into realities.

Carlos Collins

What We do:

Stay Recruited Athletic Consultants

Athletic Marketing

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Helping amateur athletes in all sports to secure FREE educational funding through athletic scholarships, academic scholarships, grant funding and personal strategies. Stay Recruited will assist you with all recruiting consulting, sports consulting, and educational consulting .

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Hourly Consultations

We're  available on an hourly basis to give families advice about finding the right college, Social Media Advice, Educational requirements by NCAA, and more.  


We offer a complete service that includes evaluating the student's academic record, establishing reachable goals, advising the student throughout the application process, and advocating for the student. 

Why we are successful

Avg GPA is 3.0

Stay Recruited is all about academic awareness. Our student athletes average GPA is an astounding 3.0 

Average ACT score

We offer SAT  prep for our athletes. This has helped advance our students. Our average ACT score is a 25

We offer academic software

Our students understand the power of a strong academic portfolio. They also have access to HI.ED. The athletic component gives you detailed report for your NCAA Eligibility. 

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We have over 300 total college offers for 2019

We help promote athletes to college coaches. We teach them how to market themselves to schools in order to increase exposure. Our athletes have over 300 combined college offers in 2019.

Schools our athletes attend


Texas AM

Texas State

Texas Tech University 

Baylor University

Univ of Kentucky

Louisville Univ

Toledo Univ


Air Force 

Just to name a few..

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