We have become the go between for athletes, their families, and College coaches. Coaches are always searching for talented athletes but unfortunately, they can’t fly to every high school in the country, so they work with outside coaches, businesses and consultants to help narrow down their search.

In the recruiting process, three main groups are actively involved: the recruit and his/her family, their high school/club coach and college coach. Each has a specific role to play, and they all have to work together to reach their goals.

  • College coaches are searching for quality athletes to fill open roster spots.
  • The recruit & family are looking to commit to a school that matches their academic, athletic, and college fit criteria.
  • High school/club coaches want to help their athletes find the best college program possible for them.

The Stay Recruited Collegiate Athletic Recruiting Network brings all of these individuals together. We provide the tools and support each group needs, all while giving them an easy way to connect with each other. Our Contact list and the expertise of our people work hand-in-hand to help families, college coaches and high school/club coaches be successful in their roles and make the recruiting process a little easier for everyone.

Our staff of  former college athletes and coaches have been through the recruiting process countless times and they use this experience for the benefit of recruits and coaches. Our head recruiting coaches personally guide families through their own unique recruiting journeys, giving them specific advice based on what the athlete is looking for in a school. Our team members provide college coaches with targeted athlete recommendations based on criteria specified by each individual coach. And, we give high school/club coaches the assistance and tools they need to guide their players through the recruiting process more easily.

In addition to the expertise of our people, we have created three distinct digital products to support the efforts of families, college coaches and club/high school coaches.

Motivation Speaking

Former NFL Player and Co-Founder Reggie Rusk travels to speak with different athletic teams giving them motivation for life.

Sports Training

We have skill development and training for a multitude of sports.

College Recruitment

Getting colleges to notice, find interest and eventually accept you into their program is a huge task. Let us help your student level make it to the next level.