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The NCAA Eligibility Center is the arm of the NCAA responsible for determining the academic eligibility and amateurism status for all DI and DII student-athletes. In addition, it also sets the recruiting rules via the NCAA Recruiting Calendars. Previously, this part of the NCAA was called the NCAA Clearinghouse, but now, the NCAA Clearinghouse and NCAA Eligibility Center are the same process.

The most important thing to understand as a prospective student-athlete is that the NCAA is there to determine your eligibility, not to provide guidance on how to get or maintain your college eligibility. It is the responsibility of the student athletes to understand the academic and amateurism requirements and make sure they are on track to meet those requirements, with the help of their high school guidance counselor and school administrators.

What is the purpose of the eligibility center

For prospective college student-athletes, the NCAA Eligibility Center is the part of the NCAA that will ensure you meet the minimum academic requirements and are considered an amateur athlete. It does this by reviewing your high school transcripts (official copies only), SAT/ACT test scores and reviewing the answers to your amateurism questionnaire. In rare situations, the NCAA will require additional information surrounding your high school classes or athletic competition, but most athletes pass through the NCAA Eligibility Center without incident.

How to register with the Eligibility Center

The NCAA has a very user-friendly website at the NCAA Eligibility Center. Give yourself at least 15-30 minutes to complete the initial registration. Before you register with the NCAA, make sure you have a valid email address that you will have access to after high school. If you are creating a Certification Account, you will need a method of payment for the account.